A decentralised publishing platform to be able to publish, sell and buy books within the blockchain!

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What will we provide?

A blockchain based publishing and reading platform which connect writers directly with their readers with the need of publishers or any reselling agency. ReaderNet allows writers to write, edit, publish and showcase their book directly to readers instead of taking the path which is being followed for centuries now. Readers can buy or rent these books directly from writers buy paying them using READ tokens. Writers save on hefty cuts taken by publishers & listing websites like Amazon, Safari, Bookstore etc.

Mutliple Platforms

Mobile Applications would allow readers to sort, search, rent or buy a book. While reading users will be able to bookmark pages, highlight favorite text or convert them to notes all users can search any text in entire book. Verified owners will also be allowed to rate a book or write a review for a book. Supporting all devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome!

READ Tokens

These are ERC-20 based tokens minted on a verified Ethereum Smart Contract. READ function as currency for this platform allowing users to transact without getting into hassles of sharing credit card or bank details with the website. Users would be free to purchase tokens from the exchange of their choice or can be traded or converted using other more popular cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH.

Creator Portal

An advance multilingual writing tool which allows writers to put their imaginations into text. This portal is a combination of WYSIWYG editor, Doodle Pad and Speechto-text plugin. Along with these utilities portal would also host multiple plugins to allow conversion of any document to RD format (ReaderNet File Format), Convert blogs or article websites to a book or even scan physical copy of a book directly to RD format. Writers can also set additional security settings like – Disable Copy or Print etc.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)

IPFS and the Blockchain are a perfect match! You can address large amounts of data with IPFS, and place the immutable, permanent IPFS links into a blockchain transaction. This timestamps and secures your content, without having to put the data on the chain itself. Utilised to create a permanent and decentralized method of storing and sharing files across a network.

Magic of Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum is a distributed public blockchain network. Although there are some significant technical differences between the two, the most important distinction to note is that Bitcoin and Ethereum differ substantially in purpose and capability. Bitcoin offers one particular application of blockchain technology, a peer to peer electronic cash system that enables online Bitcoin payments. While the Bitcoin blockchain is used to track ownership of digital currency (bitcoins), the Ethereum blockchain focuses on running the programming code of any decentralized application.

Our Live Roadmap and Schedule

  • Airdrop Whitelisting

    27th Nov - 10th Dec March

    Airdrop registration will be open for 15 days only and users registering on day one would be awarded tokens in first week, similarly users registering on day two will be awarded tokens during second week airdrop and so on till the completion of 15 weeks.

  • Presale Tokens

    2017 - December 1st - 15th

    READ Tokens are for sale for raising the funds and neccesary hardware required to fully complete this project and investors to help get the project rolling for marketing and getting us listed on exchanges!

  • Team Conference

    2017 - December 15th - 30th

    The team will discuss a plan for developing the core network and start working on the developement, this will invole all the marketing steps aswell and a full plan on how to promote this ICO and attract the users who are intrested in publishing.

  • Developement - Phase #1

    2018 - January 1st - 31st

    This is the first developement stage will start creating the muliple applications for each platform that is supported aswell as the main website with portals to allow users to publish and purchase books online.

  • Beta Release #1 & Developement - Phase #2

    2018 - February 1st - 15th

    We will hire a few users and the developement team will test the applications looking for any kind of bugs or problems and being reported to be fixed and solved aswell this includes developement phase #2 clearing up all the bugs and issues that were reported in the first beta release also finding areas that can be improved to insure that the applications are fully efficient.

  • Beta Release #2 & Developement - Phase #3

    2018 - March 1st - 28th

    Another beta release to make sure all the issues are cleared up and no more problems, else if there is more issues or bugs, developement phase #3 will start to fix the reported bugs and issues, with another beta test within the same month to clear up the developement for the applications and websites to insure, we are ready for the release.

  • Servers & Networks & Beta Release #3

    2018 - April 1st - 15th

    Proceed with setting up the networks and servers, we need to insure our network is pentested and secure from attacks and data loss, also building the main network to store all books internally, beta release #3 will start here too to check if the network works perfectly with no problems or issues and can be used internationally!

  • Marketing & Exchanges

    2018 - April 15th - 31st

    Our marketing team will start contacting publishers to inform them of the new platform to start the project fully with books ready to sell and contacting exchanges for selling our tokens to customers or users. This also includes the full promotion towards our platform to start attracting more and more users for our platform.

  • Final Beta Test

    2018 - May 1st - 31st

    The final beta test will happen and this will insure the platform works perfectly with all devices and internationally insuring the product is ready for release with no bugs or issues that may happen. This may include a 4th developement phase just incase of any issues or bugs that may appear that we missed in the beta tests to make sure our platform meets our satisfactions to what we wanted.

  • Official Release

    2018 - June

    The offical release of the portal and all applications for users to start using our platform putting readernet into a full operational state!